Well..........2020 wasn't quite what we were hoping for was it? It's been a very tough year for many people. From a musical perspective, we're gutted to have not  been able to gig or practice, but understand why it had to be so. 2021 is here, so are ways out of this whole horrible  business, and we will be back. Trust us on that :).








Sunday 28th January 2018 - The Fleece, Bristol

Scouting Session #11 - Sunday 28/01/18, 14:00–23:00

Click the image below to check out the Photos from The Fleece, Bristol on Sunday the 28th January 2018, where Sonnitus played a short but oh so sweet 30 minutes.

*All Images Copyright Thom Wood at Thom Wood Photography*

(Seriously, the man is multi-talented, check out his other pages)

Copyright Thom Wood - Thom Wood Photography

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