Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

Bass and Backing Warbles...


Dave joined Sonnitus in 2012, and after running with the band took a brief break in 2014. Back in the fold now, he is the other half of Sonnitus' backline.


Another one of the band who was born and bred in the South-East of Engalnd (albeit many years after any of his band-mates), Dave has adopted Gloucestershire as the only other place that'll have him since arriving in 2009. The guys in Sonnitus tend to have to rein the youngest member of the band in when he turns up to practice with yet another Scandanavian metal riff. Back in your box youngster!


Favourite Bands: Architects, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Scar Symmetry


Dave's sound comes from: Laney Amps, Vintage Bass Guitars, Shure Microphones and a lack of coordination, grace, style or rhythm!!



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